Important MDS information

I’m still really sad about MDS being discontinued.  Remember today is the last day that you can order and of the downloads before they are gone.  Also remember to make sure you download your downloads and save them by June 9th.

Below is some information that Stampin’ Up! has provided us with about a program that you can use by the same developer, this program will allow you to print your projects.  There is also download information.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Now is your last chance to get Stampin’ Up! downloads and print products at the discounted prices. Everything in the My Digital Studio product line is available for 30 percent off until the end of day on June 2. See the spreadsheets of retiring MDS products here:

As a general reminder:

  • June 2 is the last day to buy downloads or place print orders with the 30 percent discount. After June 2, Stampin’ Up! will no longer sell anything related to the My Digital Studio product line.
  • On June 2, all Online Store categories will be replaced with new categories in support of the 2015-2016 annual catalog. The new categories will contain new and carryover items in the 2015-2016 annual catalog. All other items, including the MDS software and digital downloads, will be searchable and orderable, but not categorized.
  • June 9 is the last day that Stampin’ Up! will support the My Digital Studio product line. After June 9, all of the MDS websites will be taken down. That list includes, related content on the demonstrator website, the download manager, YouTube videos, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Make sure that you download and back up your digital downloads and software before June 9. For help with backing up files, see
  • All of Stampin’ Up!’s digital downloads will be discontinued, including everything related to MDS, convention and leadership theme songs, photos, class recordings, and all of our other online classes. You will want to make sure to back up all of your digital download files before the cutoff on June 9.
  • Our MDS playlist of YouTube videos on the Stampin’ Up! channel will be available (for the foreseeable future) via the following link:

MyMemories Suite Offer


We have worked with excellent partners to make the My Digital Studio product line. We’re pleased to announce that StoryRock, the partner who worked with us to develop the MDS software, has made an offer to Stampin’ Up!’s customers and demonstrators. Some MDS users may know that the original MDS software was based on StoryRock’s award-winning MyMemories Suite software. While the two softwares have diverged over the years, there are still many similarities–which we feel confident will enable MDS users to experience an easy transition to MyMemories Suite.

MyMemories version 6 software is normally available for $39.99 USD, but StoryRock has cut the price to $19.99 USD for anyone who purchases the software via this special offer. See more details about the offer here.


Starting on June 3, StoryRock will make a number of additional print products available through the latest version of the MyMemories software. Stampin’ Up! has worked with StoryRock to introduce some of our most popular print products, like additional card, photobook, and calendar options and sizes. We will post a detailed list of those products and StoryRock’s prices on on June 3.


While Stampin’ Up! will not sell any digital downloads after June 2, we have reached an agreement with StoryRock to offer a limited number of our existing digital downloads for sale via a Stampin’ Up! section of the online store. You can expect to see a limited selection of digital downloads appearing on the online store over the next few months. The price for downloads through the online store may vary, but it will definitely be in your best interest to purchase the downloads available through Stampin’ Up! at a 30 percent discount until they are no longer available after June 2.

This content will not be new to you, but it will give you and your customers the opportunity to catch additional digital downloads you may have wanted and missed while our digital downloads were available for sale. You will not receive commissionable sales for purchases made for print products or for any of the artwork available in the online store.

Do I need to switch to MyMemories Suite?

Stampin’ Up! will no longer support the MDS software after June 9, 2015. MDS will continue to work on existing computers for the foreseeable future. However, you will no longer be able to print directly from MDS after June 2, and it is very probable that the software will not work with the upcoming Windows PC and Mac operating systems. It is also possible that other critical component updates like Java may cause the software to stop working as intended.

In short, if you would like to continue with digital design on a supported platform, we recommend that you switch to the latest version of MyMemories Suite. MyMemories Suite consistently rates very high, we know and recommend the developers, and as we have mentioned, it is very similar to MDS. Stampin’ Up! will not provide support for switching your MDS projects and files over to MyMemories Suite, but StoryRock will be more than happy to help.

Would you love to see my work at Convention?

Hey everyone would you love to see my work displayed at Convention this year?  Would you love to see fun projects out to new products?  Then let Stampin’ Up! know by leaving a comment of which projects you love of mine.  I’m showing just a few of my favorites, but I’d love to know what you love.

First for a few of my favorite cards:

Follow My Heart Card

Blast Off Birthday Card

. Alligator Banner CardOf course I have lots more favorites, but these are some of my more resent ones.

Next how about a scrapbook page.  Now most of you know that I love digital.  However I am excited to get started with the new Project Life that I just ordered.  I’m loving the idea of getting all those pictures sitting in boxes onto pages.  However I thought I would share one of my favorite Digital scrapbook pages.  This one is one a made a while back, but I still love it.

Disney Album-001

To top it off lets share a couple of my favorite 3D projects.  3D projects are actually one of my favorite things to create.  I just love seeing what I can make out of paper and our products.

First is my banner.  I loved the banner kits in the holiday catalog because it made these so easy.


Next I’d like to highlight my Christmas Tag box.  I love these treat boxes.  It’s so easy to make simple gifts with Stampin’ Up! products.  This was one of my favorite projects from my Crazy for Christmas projects.

Christmas Cheer Box

Once again if you’d love to see more of my work at Convention this year leave a comment with your favorite projects.  I’d love to know anyway.  Bonus points if you put the link.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites.  Remember you can share some of your creations on my facebook page.  I’d love to see them.

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Signature Stamps in MDS

Last year my grandmother passed away and I had the opportunity to create a book for our family to remember her. My Digital Studio made this so easy. I had all our friends and family send me pictures of Grandma. Once I had those I was ready to go. I started with the template Sweet Details which comes with MDS. I made a few changes to add in additional photo boxes to fit in all those great pictures everyone sent and added words that worked well with the pictures. I also left plenty of room for signatures.

Grandma's book Front
Once I had the book ready to go I printed at a local printers and placed it in smooth sheet protectors. We took the book to the funeral and had everyone sign on the sheet protectors with a sharpie marker and write a special memory about my Grandma.

Grandma's Book Signature on page protector
After the funeral I took the book home and flipped the pages over so that all I had was the signature with a white background. I scanned these into the computer then used Photoshop to delete out the white background and turn the image into a SVG file.  SVG file is the same type of file that MDS uses to create stamps in the program. I saved all of my signatures in MDS under stamps and I was ready to go.

Grandma's book Signature on white
I added each signature to the pages. This was really nice because I was able to change the colors to make them match, re-size if needed and even move to a different page to spread things out. I also moved embellishments and pictures if necessary to make all the signatures look good with the pages and pictures.
Grandma's Book MDS screen shot
After I had everything in I was able to print the book through Stampin’ Up! to have a nice finished book. We actually printed like 15 books so that each family could have book of their own and have all the great pictures plus memories. I love it because everyone was able to have this special book instead of just one person.

Grandma's Book Finished Signatures
I think this idea is perfect for family reunions, special birthdays, weddings, graduations really just about any special occasion that many people would love to have the memory. I plan on making one for my son that is graduating this year and have friends and family write special messages. I think this would also be great if your child is part of a team like band, cheer, dance or any group they spend a lot of time with. You can create a book with pictures from the events and messages from all the participants then add it all together so everyone can have a special memory book.


I know this is a little advanced but I wanted to share it anyway because it just really gets me excited. If you would be interested in my creating a book like this for your event please let me know. I’d be happy to help you, or if you would like to make one of your own I’d be happy to help you with the steps as well. Hopefully you’ll find lots of great uses for this idea. I even think it would be fun to have your kids write a message each year that you could add to the family year book and have their handwriting preserved from year to year and see how it changes. If you have any questions please let me know.

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Products used:

MDS Products:
My Digital Studio
Disk #130647 $19.95
Download #130646 $19.95
Free Trial #130910 $0

Sweet Details Photobook template- #125742 $17.95


Thank You card from Shelli Gardner


I got the most amazing surprise in the mail this weekend.  A thank you note from Shelli Gardner.  It was hand addressed by her with a message written just from her.  I was so excited and touched.  This is just one of the many reasons I love this company.  For those of you who don’t know who Shelli Gardner is let me tell you.  She is the co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!  But more than that she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  She truly cares about everyone she meets.  She is so genuine and honest.  You just feel better being around her.  She doesn’t think of herself as anything amazing even though we all think she is.  She’s very down to earth and treats you like you are someone special.  I love going to events and listen to her speak.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her on several occasions and she loves hearing about you and what you like.


This is me and Shelli at the Hawaii incentive trip I earned a while back.  One of the first times I was able to spend some time with her.  One of my most memorable experiences from a Stampin’ Up! event was when my little girl got sick at Leadership and her Husband (Sterling) and Son-in-law (Sean) helped me.  They continued to check in with me the rest of the time to make sure she was doing well and they love hearing updates about her when I see them at events.  Shelli has an amazing husband and family.  I just can’t say enough good things about them.  Now I’m sure they have their faults like all of us, but I’ve enjoyed spending time with them whenever I’ve had the chance.


So you are probably wondering why I got this surprise thank you note in the mail.  Several months back I was given the opportunity to help Stampin’ Up! with a project they were doing with the Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board is a group of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators who are asked to serve for a year as advisers in helping Stampin’ Up! to know the needs of the demonstrators.  I wanted to bring a little Thank You for the opportunity to work with these amazing women.  You may remember this picture from a post a while back.


I made zucchini bread and added this cute little tag.  I made one for each Advisory Board member as well as some extra for the staff who helped.  Shelli’s daughter (Sara) was also there and I was excited because I really wanted to give one to Shelli as well.  This was just a couple weeks after Shelli’s horse accident where she fell horseback riding in the Grand Canyon and was injured pretty bad.  I thought the bread would make her happy so I asked Sara to take one to her  I never expected to get anything back.  I just wanted her to know how much I appreciate everything thing she does for us and Stampin’ Up! and I wanted her to get well quickly.  It was so fun to get this thank you note and it meant so much to me.  I just goes to show that sending a hand written note especially in a hand stamped card or MDS card can mean so much.  I hope you will take the opportunity today to send a note to someone special and make their day.

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MDS Books make great gifts

I love that “My Digital Studio” (MDS) helped me to create wonderful Christmas gifts this year that would bring back lasting memories.

MDS Christmas Gifts 2013

I decided this year to create a special gift for my little ones.    They love to read and so I wanted them to be able to read a story all about them.  I created a book for my son about his special memories on our trip to Disney World last year.  I put special pictures in of him and memories.  He love to look at it and I think he know how much I love him.  He’s become a pretty good reader in the last year (he’s 6), but I still kept the text simple so he could read it all by himself.

I also wanted to create one for my daughter.  I made one last year for her birthday of her first year so I wanted to make her second year for her.  It had lots of fun pictures of things she did when she was one.  I broke it up into months to make it easy to create.  She loves it of course.  She loves to look at pictures of people she knows, especially herself.  Since I have now created a book for both her 1st and 2nd year my kids asked me if I was going to make one every year.  While I don’t know for sure I said probably just because MDS make is so easy to do.

What made both of these projects super simple is the fact that I used some of the awesome templates that Stampin’ Up! already had created.  That way I added pictures and text and I was done.  I love how easy they are and that I can change them to fit my needs.  Sometimes I add a few more embellishments, picture boxes or text.  I even re-arrange the pages to fit my needs.  However these templates still save me lots of time as I created both books in just a few hours.

I also created fun calenders for my husband, parents and in-laws.  I love our calender options and how the calendar program works.  It’s so easy to add a calender to any project.  I made my calenders double sided so one side is 2014 and the other is 2015.  I created the one first then copied it for the back side.  All I had to do was go into the calender settings and change the year.  Of course I changed out the pictures as well, but it made it super simple to create.  Everyone loved them.  It’s so fun to go to my husbands office and see the calender there for everyone to enjoy.

Disney Albums 2013

The last project I wanted to share with you in my Disney book.  While this book did take me a bit longer to create it was still a lot less time then if I had created it by hand.  Plus I saved tons of money.  The book is 100 pages including the front and back cover which is the max that you can have printed with Stampin’ Up!  However it has over 500 pictures in it.  I started with one of  the kits and then just kept adding pages.  Many times I would bring in a page layout that I liked from another kit and then just change the background and elements so they matched.  I love that all the pages have the same feel to them.  My daughter loves to look at this book.  I printed it in the 12 x 12 so it’s kind of hard for her and I don’t want her bending the pages.  So for Christmas I decided to have the book printed in a 5 x 5 which would be easy for her to hand and look at.  The best part is I didn’t have to change anything.  I originally designed the book in a 12 x 12 but all I had to do was change the print option when I went to print it.

Open Disney Album 2013

So here’s your tip for the day.  I always design in 12 x 12 and then decide later what size I want to print it in.  My computer screen roughly show the 8 x 8 size based on the size of the screen and I’ve found that if it looks good on there then it looks good printed in any of the sizes.

I am still totally in love with MDS.  I’ve gotten more scrap-booking done since I switched to digital then I ever did before.  Completed books instead of just pages which I totally love.  If you haven’t tried it yet you really should.  We have a free trial and the program is only 19.95.  It was a lot more and I paid the higher price and it was worth every penny.  We sold so many that the manufactures were able to reduce the price and Stampin’ Up! passed the savings on to you.  I hope you will take the chance to try this program or use it if you have it.  Remember if you have the old version to go and get the updates and it will update it for free.

If you want to learn more I teach a class once a month that held on-line or I would be happy to come and do a live presentation for you and your friends, or a special on-line party just for you.  Just let me know.lub.

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Products used:

MDS Products:
My Digital Studio
Disk #130647 $19.95
Download #130646 $19.95
Free Trial #130910 $0

Family Fun Photobook Template #130987 $17.95  (Disney Book)

Nobody’s Business Photobook Template #132812 $19.95 (My Daughters Book)

Hoppy Memories Digital Kit #118466 $14.95 (My Son’s Book)
Just a note on this book it was per-designed it came with my original MDS program that I bought years ago.  The new one doesn’t come with the per-designed book.