Just one reason I love my job.

I know I’ve been a bit missing in action the last week or so, but it’s for a really good reason.   My son’s Robotics team was competing in the US open tournament in Nebraska last week.  I was able to chaperone and cheer his team on.  We are leaving again at the end of the month to cheer his team on at the World’s Competition in California.  We will also hop on over to see Mickey Mouse since he will be just across the street.


I love that my job give me the time and flexibility I need to be there for my kids as well as the extra money.  This is just one of the great perks that I am able to enjoy by being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  If this is something you would be interested in I’d love to talk to you and share more about our awesome program.

I’m home now and excited to play with some of my new stamps that came while I was gone so I should be posting some new projects soon.

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Signature Stamps in MDS

Last year my grandmother passed away and I had the opportunity to create a book for our family to remember her. My Digital Studio made this so easy. I had all our friends and family send me pictures of Grandma. Once I had those I was ready to go. I started with the template Sweet Details which comes with MDS. I made a few changes to add in additional photo boxes to fit in all those great pictures everyone sent and added words that worked well with the pictures. I also left plenty of room for signatures.

Grandma's book Front
Once I had the book ready to go I printed at a local printers and placed it in smooth sheet protectors. We took the book to the funeral and had everyone sign on the sheet protectors with a sharpie marker and write a special memory about my Grandma.

Grandma's Book Signature on page protector
After the funeral I took the book home and flipped the pages over so that all I had was the signature with a white background. I scanned these into the computer then used Photoshop to delete out the white background and turn the image into a SVG file.  SVG file is the same type of file that MDS uses to create stamps in the program. I saved all of my signatures in MDS under stamps and I was ready to go.

Grandma's book Signature on white
I added each signature to the pages. This was really nice because I was able to change the colors to make them match, re-size if needed and even move to a different page to spread things out. I also moved embellishments and pictures if necessary to make all the signatures look good with the pages and pictures.
Grandma's Book MDS screen shot
After I had everything in I was able to print the book through Stampin’ Up! to have a nice finished book. We actually printed like 15 books so that each family could have book of their own and have all the great pictures plus memories. I love it because everyone was able to have this special book instead of just one person.

Grandma's Book Finished Signatures
I think this idea is perfect for family reunions, special birthdays, weddings, graduations really just about any special occasion that many people would love to have the memory. I plan on making one for my son that is graduating this year and have friends and family write special messages. I think this would also be great if your child is part of a team like band, cheer, dance or any group they spend a lot of time with. You can create a book with pictures from the events and messages from all the participants then add it all together so everyone can have a special memory book.


I know this is a little advanced but I wanted to share it anyway because it just really gets me excited. If you would be interested in my creating a book like this for your event please let me know. I’d be happy to help you, or if you would like to make one of your own I’d be happy to help you with the steps as well. Hopefully you’ll find lots of great uses for this idea. I even think it would be fun to have your kids write a message each year that you could add to the family year book and have their handwriting preserved from year to year and see how it changes. If you have any questions please let me know.

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MDS Products:
My Digital Studio
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Sweet Details Photobook template- #125742 $17.95


Dinosaur Punch Art

I’ve been seeing throw back Thursday on Facebook a lot and I thought it would be fun to do it on my blog.  I’m not sure that Thursday will always be a throw back, but I’ll try.  If you are like me you keep stamps, punches and even paper that you love even though you can’t by them anymore.  So I figure why not share some fun ideas to do with them.  Maybe I’ll even make some new projects using retired products.  Who knows.  So now lets get on with the project because hey that’s the fun part right?

Dino Chart

Every year Stampin’ Up! has a contest called the Artisan Design contest.  I’ve entered many years, while I’ve never won I’ve had my projects shown at Convention and I’ve enjoyed creating them.  It does however make me sad to give them away.  Some of them I’ve re-created and some I’m still planning on it.  This is one of the still planning on it projects.  Hopefully before my little boy grows out of dinosaurs.  I think this was the hardest one to give away and I wish I had it still.  It was also quite big so I actually took it to Stampin’ Up! (Good thing I live close.)

Dino Chart Top

This is the top of the chart.  I used MDS to create all the pictures for the chart.  I changed them all to Sepia so they would match and added a fun background.  I also added the age and height.  He was only 5 when I made the chart so I left spots to add more pictures over the years.  I attached twigs to the top to hang it with.  Of course the top picture is when he was born.  So cute.

Bird Dino

Here’s a better picture of the bird Dino.  All of the dino’s are made using punch art and shapes from the big shot.  Can anyone guess where I got my inspiration for my characters.  Yep “Land Before Time.”  You can also see the close up of the texture on the letters.  I cut them out of chip board and paper, then glued the textured paper to the clipboard.

Green Dino

Next is my green Dino working his way up the mountain.  The mountain is just created by tearing up paper and crumbling it up then smoothing it out.  I used the directly to paper technique to add texture.  (That’s where you just take the ink pad straight to the paper to highlight the texture and edges.)

Brown Dino

Here’s the brown Dino.  I think I actually used the leave die to make the splotches on his back.  You’ll noticed I also added some grass to the mountain by just tearing up paper and snipping the edges.

Orange Dino

This one wasn’t really in the movie, but I wanted one more to work with the spacing.  I think he turned out cute.  He also had to be orange because that’s my son’s favorite color.  The ruler was created by using the simply scored tool.  I placed a cardboard so I would know how far to score each section so they stayed even.  Then I flipped it over and used a sponge to highlight the marks and added the numbers with the calender set.


T-Rex Dino

Of course we had to have the T-Rex at the bottom chasing the little Dino’s up the chart.  I left space on the side so that I could mark the height and write the date.  My son was very disappointed that I gave away the T-Rex.  That’s his favorite Dino.  Just posting about this makes me want to re-create it.

I hope you have enjoyed my throw back Thursday.  As you can see I really do love punch art.  It’s so fun to see what you can create using our awesome punches.  Especially something they weren’t designed for.

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Thank You card from Shelli Gardner


I got the most amazing surprise in the mail this weekend.  A thank you note from Shelli Gardner.  It was hand addressed by her with a message written just from her.  I was so excited and touched.  This is just one of the many reasons I love this company.  For those of you who don’t know who Shelli Gardner is let me tell you.  She is the co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!  But more than that she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  She truly cares about everyone she meets.  She is so genuine and honest.  You just feel better being around her.  She doesn’t think of herself as anything amazing even though we all think she is.  She’s very down to earth and treats you like you are someone special.  I love going to events and listen to her speak.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her on several occasions and she loves hearing about you and what you like.


This is me and Shelli at the Hawaii incentive trip I earned a while back.  One of the first times I was able to spend some time with her.  One of my most memorable experiences from a Stampin’ Up! event was when my little girl got sick at Leadership and her Husband (Sterling) and Son-in-law (Sean) helped me.  They continued to check in with me the rest of the time to make sure she was doing well and they love hearing updates about her when I see them at events.  Shelli has an amazing husband and family.  I just can’t say enough good things about them.  Now I’m sure they have their faults like all of us, but I’ve enjoyed spending time with them whenever I’ve had the chance.


So you are probably wondering why I got this surprise thank you note in the mail.  Several months back I was given the opportunity to help Stampin’ Up! with a project they were doing with the Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board is a group of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators who are asked to serve for a year as advisers in helping Stampin’ Up! to know the needs of the demonstrators.  I wanted to bring a little Thank You for the opportunity to work with these amazing women.  You may remember this picture from a post a while back.


I made zucchini bread and added this cute little tag.  I made one for each Advisory Board member as well as some extra for the staff who helped.  Shelli’s daughter (Sara) was also there and I was excited because I really wanted to give one to Shelli as well.  This was just a couple weeks after Shelli’s horse accident where she fell horseback riding in the Grand Canyon and was injured pretty bad.  I thought the bread would make her happy so I asked Sara to take one to her  I never expected to get anything back.  I just wanted her to know how much I appreciate everything thing she does for us and Stampin’ Up! and I wanted her to get well quickly.  It was so fun to get this thank you note and it meant so much to me.  I just goes to show that sending a hand written note especially in a hand stamped card or MDS card can mean so much.  I hope you will take the opportunity today to send a note to someone special and make their day.

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Fun Christmas Picture Ornament

I’m serving in our ward nursery and we wanted to make a cute gift that the kids could give their parents for Christmas.  My daughter just happens to be one of our cute nursery kids.  The ornament turned out so cute that I just had to share them with you.


First this is the front with the darling picture of my daughter.  Thanks to technology it was easy to take pictures of the kids with my phone each week.  Then I used My Digital Studio to get them the perfect size and to change them all to sepia to match the ornaments better.

I used the scallop circle die to cut out a piece of card board (Of course I had plenty from the back of our great products.  I save all of them they are so great for many projects.)  I covered the chipboard with a piece of Old Olive paper cut out with the scallop circle die and embossed with the pedals of plenty embossing folder.  The chocolate chip background and the picture were cut out using the circle thinlits.  I finished it off with the fun thinlit Merry.  (Just a tip if you use wax paper.  Wax side towards the paper.  The paper will come out nice and easy without tearing.)20140110_162907

This is the cute back side.  We had each child stamp their hand print and we added a name a date.  I even made a few with pictures of Jesus in case we had a few visitors.  (So glad I did since we had 2.)  The parents loved them.  I love how it looks I my tree.


I finished it off by making custom sized envelopes with our Envelope punch board.  We had the kids color them to make them extra special.  Then we tied them shut with a quick ribbon and added a tag.  I love love love the new scalloped tag topper punch in the occasions mini.  It made it so easy to add Christmas tags to these and all my Christmas presents.  (Just a note the stamp set is an old Christmas tag set the I love to use every year.  It makes tags so easy and I never run out.)

Personally I love having ornament that are pictures of my kids.  It’s so fun to get them out as see them every year.  Hopefully you are inspired to make a cute ornament for your tree next year using some of our great products mixed with your imagination.

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Products used:

Cherry Cobbler, Old Olive, Very Vanilla, Chocolate Chip

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#130911 Circles Collection $26.95
#116824 Petal-a-Plenty Embossing Folder $7.95
#132171 Expressions Thinlits Dies $24.95

#120992 Cherry Cobbler Seam Binding $6.95
#123124 Early Espresso Baker’s Twine $2.95

#133324 Scalloped Tag Topper Punch $22.95
#133774 Envelope Punch Board $19.95

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