Weekly Challenge

One of my favorite things about Patty’s blog is that she has something new almost everyday.  So I decided I wanted to challenge myself to post a new idea for you each day.  I wanted to make it a little fun so I’ve come up with some fun names for each day and hopefully a fun category.  I’m not promising that I will be great at this, but I’m going to give it a try.  I will be starting on Monday here are the fun categories and what you can expect.

You  can click on any day below to see a list of posts for that category.

Marvelous Monday I will be starting with the Many Marvelous Markers.  I have a document with lots of ways to use our great markers so I will be giving you tips and show you some samples.

Technique Tuesday Hopefully I will be showing you a new fun technique and sometimes some old ones that we tend to forget.

Wacky Wednesday This will be for anything that is different and fun.

Thrifty Thursday Stampin’ ideas for those on a  budget. 

Freewheeling Friday  I often forget to use our great wheels when creating projects so my challenge will be to get them out and see what fun I can have.

Swapping Saturday-  Saturday’s are usually pretty busy so I will be posting some of my favorite swaps.

Stampin’ Sunday-  I usually get a few minutes alone in my Stamp room on Sunday so I hope that I will be able to show you something new each week that I have created.

Hopefullly you will like these and we will have a little fun with it.  Please feel free to leave your comments so I know what to do more of in the future.  Be watching for them starting Monday and check back everyday to see what is new.

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