demo-cardThe economy is a huge issue of concern right now and that is why I’m so grateful for Stampin’ Up!  At leadership conference the president of Stampin’ Up!® Dale Filmore spoke about this very issues.  My up-line Amy Johnson sent out a wonderful summary of what he said and I wanted to share it with you.

While the current international economic climate is presenting challenges to most of us, recent research indicates  that it may also be providing opportunities for those of us in the craft industry.

During last week’s annual leadership conference, Dale mentioned a New York Times’ article titled, “For Craft Sales,  the Recession Is a Help.” The article reports that “craft stores, from giant chains . . . to small scrapbook supply  shops, are reporting that sales are higher compared with the last holiday season, and on-line marketplaces for handmade goods . . . are seeing a boom in listings and transactions.”

The article also notes that last year, 42 million households gave handmade gifts, according to the Craft & Hobby Association. This year, the group estimates that number will increase greatly.

In addition, a Columbus Dispatch article reports that consumers are reclaiming a simpler life, with more people  opting to do their own home improvement and decoration projects as well as investing in more stay-at-home projects  and entertainment.

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I really loved what they said and I completely agree with them.  Although times are tough I think we still feel the need to send a card for birthdays, weddings, babies and everything else.  We still need gifts for all those special occasions.  Birthdays and Holidays are not just going to go away because times are hard.  Instead we look for other ways to fill those needs.  I am happy that I can provide a way for my customers to make their own and save money.  We also have the added value of creating something with our hands and from our hearts.

If you have ever considered starting your own business.  This is the perfect time and the perfect company.  For anyone who enjoys crafting, creating and sharing with others Stampin’ Up! can help you.  Their new motto: inspire.create.share.™ I think says it all.  I’d love to talk to you more about this great opportunity just contact me at andersoncandice@hotmail.com.  Or give me a call 435-245-5321.  You can also watch a great video on my Stampin’ Up! site.  Click here to see it.If you are ready to get started you can sign up right away just click on the link and use my first name for the password.

For more information check out my demonstrator website at www.candiceanderson.stampinup.net.


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