Club Cards

Here are some of the great cards we’ve created at club.  For my Card Club members each member will create two each of two different cards.  This way they have one they can keep for ideas and still have one to give away.

feb-09-wonderful-friendFebruary Card 1

feb-09-happy-birthdayFebruary Card 2

thank-you-flowersJanuary Card 1
hugs-kissesJanuary Card 2

dec-card-1-mooseDecember Card 1

dec-card-2-treeDecember Card 2

nov-card-leavesNovember Card 1

nov-card-warm-wishesNovember Card 2

Spooky Nights CardOctober Card 1

Party Time Soot CardOctober Card 2

club-card-augSeptember Card 1

club-aug-card-as-6x63×6 Card also shown as a 6×6 page

birthday-ballons-cardSeptember Card 2

kindness-cardAugust card 1


August card 2

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