Christmas Decorations

I made this fun Christmas Tree last year with envelops.  Each day has a Christmas Book to read with the kids.  The numbers are Velcro so you count up to Christmas.  Each day you add a new number.

These were just some of the fun items I made and Cards from last year.


Here is a close up of the paper trees.  They were really fun to make.  I think my favorite is the one that I just tore the paper and put it on (the little one). paper-christmas-trees















Here are some of the fun ornaments I’ve made this year from the Country Living set.  I love that the papers are all die cut so they are so easy to make.


 This is my little Christmas tree.  My kitchen is in the front of the house but I have always loved the look of the tree through the front window.  My solution was this little tree.  I usually decorate it with all my fun Stampin’ Up! ornaments.  This was last years















Here are the kids making ornaments.  I think their favorite part was using the heat gun.  Of course that must be a boy thing.  They had fun inking them and stamping them.zack-christmas-ornaments




This was my fun tree for Novemberfest.  I really enjoyed getting out all of the hand made ornaments to decorate it with.  I think my favorite is to make the ones with the kids pictures.  This way I can see how much they have grown through the years.  My mom always had hand made ornaments on our trees and especially ones with pictures.  I always remember them and love to see them on her tree each year.novemberfest-christmas-tree



















I hope you enjoyed some of my pictures.  I will post more when I get things decorated for this year.  Have a great Holiday Season.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations

  1. […] Christmas Decorations I’ve been trying to find all of my Christmas Decorations so I could start getting ready for the Holidays.  We were suppose to move during the summer so I packed everything up thinking I wouldn’t need it. Ha Ha.  Anyway, I found a few pictures from last year and I found some of the decorations. I put on my tree at my Novemberfest booth.  I just think a tree looks so cute with hand crafted ornaments.  I’ve had fun making new ornaments this year with our Country Living set and the 2 great sets in the mini catalog.  Plus there is one in the main catalog.  The kids had so much fun making ornaments last year that I think I will do it again.  I thought I would share some of the fun pictures with you so you could be inspired this year  I would love to see your creations.  Please e-mail them to me at  If I use yours on my website I will send you a special surprise.  Click on this link to see more pictures. […]

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