Thrifty Thursday 12-25-08

I love to have new ornaments for my tree, but I can’t always afford to by them.  I actually love to make them.  I made these fun Rudolph Ornaments for my tree last year.  They were quick and easy and didn’t cost a lot to make.  roudolph-ornament















It is made with all punches.  I used: large oval, word window, five petal flower, horizontal slot, double circle and  1″ circle.  I used the coluzzle for the background circle.  His nose is made with a rhinestone circle brad.  Then a little ribbon for the holder and a bow at the neck.  I got the idea from a card that someone had posted on the Stampin’ Up! demonstrator web site last year.  They had it on a card.  If I can find my card I will post it for you as well.

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Wacky Wednesday 12-24-08

merry-christmas-ornamentThese are some of the last minute Christmas decorations I made for my tree.  I actually made them on Christmas Eve.  I waited to put most of the glass ornaments on until the last minute so that Xander (my one year old) wouldn’t get a hold of them.


They were really easy to make I just used the rub-on’s on the clear glass balls.  I found that the smaller ones and the long ones were a lot easier to do.  I did a couple of square sayings and they were difficult to get on without overlapping.

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Wacky Wednesday 12-10-08

big-shot-snowflakeWacky Wednesday- Big Shot Snowflake

Today was crazy because it was club and of course things did not go according to plan, but here is my Wacky Wednesday Project.  It’s actually really simple.  I came up with it from the circles that are folded in half when you cut out your pendent dies.  You would add them to your banners when you make them.  So I decided to try it with the snowflake die. 

  1. First you need to cut out 3 of the snowflakes with your Big Shot. 
  2. Then you have to fold them in half.  This is actually the tricky part.  I start by folding both the edges in half then I fold the centers over to meet each other and press in the center.  This leaves just a little part on each side to finish folding. 
  3. Once all off your pieces are folded you need to unfold one of them and apply glue.  I use the two way glue pen. 
  4. Next I apply half off one of the snowflakes to each side.  Then apply glue to one side of the two remaining pieces and put them together. 
  5. When you are done you should have a 3 dimensional snowflake.  You can hang a piece of silver or gold cord from them to let them hang.  I put them in my Christmas Tree and they look great.  Hope you have fun with this one.  My kids love it.

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