Hostess Drawing

nf-grand-prizeSo I was cleaning up the other day getting ready for my open house.  I realized I still had the grand prize from Novemberfest that was never claimed.  So here’s your chance to get the basket with over $100.00 worth of product.  It’s really simple all you have to do is host a party.  I will be giving out tickets to all the hostess and I will draw one winner.  Because I have different dates I want to book here is the different tickets you can earn:

Book and in-home party in:

February (during sale-a-brations & bootcamp): 15 tickets
March (during sale-a-brations): 10 tickets
April (new mini catalog): 12 tickets

Book a class party:

February: 10 tickets
March: 7 tickets
April: 7 tickets

Book a Catalog Party:

February: 7 tickets
March : 10 tickets
April: 7 tickets

nf-gift-aGuest Bonus:  I still have two of the smaller prizes.  So for each guest that places an order (this can be you as well, when you place a personal order besides the hostess benefits)  I will put their name in for a drawing for the 2 other gifts.  They will get one ticket for ordering and one ticket for every $25.00 they spend.  During sale-a-brations they could get 2 tickets for placing a $50.00 order plus a free sale-a-bration set.

nf-gift-cTickets are worth different values because of Sale-a-brations and when I will be gone to Hawaii (earned all expenses paid through Stampin’ Up!.  If you’d like to learn how to earn your own trip contact me today.)  I’m also extending it to April so I’m ready to go when I get back.  This offer is good for any of my parties and their guest.   You can check out my available party dates by clicking here.  Or you can email me at:   I look forward to hearing from you.

Novemberfest Winners Update

I’ve finally got my post caught up and realized I still have a few unclaimed prizes for the Novemberfest winners.  I’m sure most of you have lost your tickets so I decided to just draw out some name.  Here are the winners.  Please contact me by e-mail  to arrange to pick up your prize.  Congratulations!

nf-grand-prizeGrand Prize- Britnee Sheffield from Hyde Park




nf-gift-aGift A- Denise Allen from Cove





nf-gift-cGift C- Lisa Riby from Logan

Novemberfest Winners Update

nf-grand-prizeHi everyone I just wanted to give you a quick update on winning numbers for Novemberfest.  I’ve posted new ones.  Please let me know by Wednesday December 17th.  Any unclaimed prizes I will re-post new numbers on the 17th.  If prizes are not claimed by the 21st then I will start drawing from the list of names.   Please remember that this is the only way I can let you know you are a winner.  I don’t have names associated with the tickets.  If you have already won please let me know so I can draw a different winner.  Thanks Candice

Click here to see numbers at orginal post.

Novemberfest Winning Numbers

novemberfestOK so I finally got through everything and have the winning numbers.  First of all I want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who came and saw me at Novemberfest.  I really enjoyed getting to meet all of you and look forward to working with you in the future. 

Just a few quick reminders.  You can still sign up for my Holiday Extravaganza Event as well as my Mega Calander Event.  The 6×6 calenders make really great gifts. 

 I would also love for you to join us at club next week.  It will be Wedensday December 10th at 6:30 PM.  Please contact me for more details.


So without further ado:nf-grand-prize






Grandprize winning number:   790412

4 Other prize winning numbers:

nf-gift-aGift A- 790455







nf-gift-bGift B- Claimed- Congrats Sandra






nf-gift-cGift C- 790390







nf-gift-dGift D- Claimed Congrats Sandra





Please e-mail me at andersoncandice@hotmail.comif you have a winning number so we can make arragments for you to pick up your gift.  You can show me your ticket when you pick up your gift.  If prizes are not claimed my Friday November 12th I will post new winning numbers.    Thanks again everyone!

I still haven’t had anyone contact me that they have the winning number.  Remember I have no idea who as the winning numbers so you must contact me.  I will post new numbers on Friday for any unclaimed prizes so e-mail me soon or leave me a comment with your name and I will give you a call.  Thanks, Candice

12-8-08 I have the winner of  Gifts B & D but nothing on A, C or the Grand Prize so remember to check back if I don’t here anything by Friday I will post new winners.  I will post her name if it is OK with her.  She actually won both gifts.  I guess it paid off to sign up for all the projects that she did.

12-12-08 New numbers posted