New Digital Downloads

Have even more fun with these new downloads for my digital studio or other software programs.  Remember Digital Downloads are only available on individual customer orders.  Just go to my website at to place your order and start using them today. 

Click here to see more Digital Downloads.

Item Number
121063    Satin Ribbon – Digital Download $3.95
120171    Mini Project Boxes – Digital Download $1.95
120172    Springs Shades Designer Series paper – Digital Download $4.95

Item Number Name    Price
118869    Recipes by Design Digital Kit $9.95
 120884  Your Invited Invitation Digital Kit $3.95

Recipes By Design Digital Kit - Digital Download - by Stampin' Up! You're Invited Invitation Digital Kit - Digital Download - by Stampin' Up!

Item Number Name    Price
120168  Textured Card Stock $4.95
 119978  My Sweet Pea Kit $9.95

 Textured Card Stock - Digital Download - by Stampin' Up!My Sweet Pea Digital Kit - Digital Download - by Stampin' Up!

Item Number Name    Price
120170     Corduroy Buttons – Digital Download  $3.95
 120169     Sending Love Epoxy Brads – Digital Download  $1.95


Corduroy Buttons - Digital Download - by Stampin' Up!



My Digital Studio Software Update

February 25, 2010We have released an update to your My Digital Studio software; this update is version 1.0.2. If you have already updated to version 1.0.1, you will be informed of the new update the next time you launch your My Digital Studio software, or you can choose to Check for Updates under the Help menu to search for the 1.0.2 update.

However, if you have not yet updated to version 1.0.1 (announced December 3) then you should update to that version (follow the instructions here), after which your software will prompt you to restart. After restarting you can download the latest version (1.0.2) by choosing Check for Updates under the Help menu, as mentioned above. You must shut down your My Digital Studio software between downloading versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 and again after downloading version 1.0.2. Restarting the program enables the software to complete the update and allows for it to run as it should.

The version 1.0.2 update provides the addition of a Calendar Guide option under the View/Guides menu to show the bleed area for calendar creation. The bleed area shows the portion of the page that may be cut off or trimmed when your project is printed. The calendar guides show 1/2″ on the top and bottom of the page and 1/4″ on each side, no matter the calendar size or orientation.

The calendar bleed area will turn on by default when you open/use a calendar within My Digital Studio. You can also turn on your calendar guides by selecting Calendar Bleed Area under the View/Guides menu.

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