Sew Fun Quilting Weekend

Thanks so much for everyone who helped me to earn the Sew Fun Quilting Weekend.  I had a blast and learned so much.  I would love to show all of you how to make these awesome quilts.  If you want to learn let  me know.

So here’s the first quilt.  It’s the one I made for my husband.  It’s made with 10 by 10 square and then I cut out the small squares with the Big Shot Scallop Square Die.  This is the same die I used to make the baby quilt and the rag bags.  I will post more pictures after I get it quilted.  When it’s done and you wash it then the ends come up and and frey a bit like the rag bags.

This is the second quilt that I made.  This one is for me.  As you can see I tied in several of the same patterns.  They are both green, brown and white and then I added the pink to mine and the blue to his.  Mine is made with the Scallop Circle Die and Scallop Circle #2 die.  This one is really pretty when it’s quilted because all the circles just pop.  It’s also really easy to make and not very much sewing.  I just sewed the outside boarders and then glued on all the scallop circles.  I also found out that there’s something in the chemical make-up of our glue that makes it so that it doesn’t gum up the needle for the quilters and then washes out.

I made both these quilts on Saturday at the event, that’s cut sew and glue plus time to visit and eat.  I think what took the longest was deciding which patterns to put where.  I also made a quilt Friday Night and a baby quilt on Sunday.  I will post those later.

If you want to see the fun projects in person, be sure to stop by my booth at the Hyrum Star Spangled week on July 5th.

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6 thoughts on “Sew Fun Quilting Weekend

    1. Thanks Kayla, You should see the ones I’ve been making lately. I hope to get a new one posted tonight. Check back soon, hopefully I will have more to show off.

  1. Hello! What beautiful quilts!! Can you explain to me how you made them? Did you do them with the big shot? I love the one for you, the colors are beautiful!

    1. Lisa,
      Thanks so much. Yes I used the Big Shot to cut out the scallop circles on my quilt and the scallops squares on my husbands. The square on my husbands are just sewn together and then you glue the scallop squares onto it. The circle quilt is easier you just sew the two different edge materials on then glue all the circles on. This will hold it until you can take it to the quilter.

      I love the colors too. I had a hard time with them at first since I wanted to tie the two quilts together. Plus I had to pick 13 different colors. I was really happy with how it turned out.

      Thanks again and let me know if I can help you with anything. Candice

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