MDS Books make great gifts

I love that “My Digital Studio” (MDS) helped me to create wonderful Christmas gifts this year that would bring back lasting memories.

MDS Christmas Gifts 2013

I decided this year to create a special gift for my little ones.    They love to read and so I wanted them to be able to read a story all about them.  I created a book for my son about his special memories on our trip to Disney World last year.  I put special pictures in of him and memories.  He love to look at it and I think he know how much I love him.  He’s become a pretty good reader in the last year (he’s 6), but I still kept the text simple so he could read it all by himself.

I also wanted to create one for my daughter.  I made one last year for her birthday of her first year so I wanted to make her second year for her.  It had lots of fun pictures of things she did when she was one.  I broke it up into months to make it easy to create.  She loves it of course.  She loves to look at pictures of people she knows, especially herself.  Since I have now created a book for both her 1st and 2nd year my kids asked me if I was going to make one every year.  While I don’t know for sure I said probably just because MDS make is so easy to do.

What made both of these projects super simple is the fact that I used some of the awesome templates that Stampin’ Up! already had created.  That way I added pictures and text and I was done.  I love how easy they are and that I can change them to fit my needs.  Sometimes I add a few more embellishments, picture boxes or text.  I even re-arrange the pages to fit my needs.  However these templates still save me lots of time as I created both books in just a few hours.

I also created fun calenders for my husband, parents and in-laws.  I love our calender options and how the calendar program works.  It’s so easy to add a calender to any project.  I made my calenders double sided so one side is 2014 and the other is 2015.  I created the one first then copied it for the back side.  All I had to do was go into the calender settings and change the year.  Of course I changed out the pictures as well, but it made it super simple to create.  Everyone loved them.  It’s so fun to go to my husbands office and see the calender there for everyone to enjoy.

Disney Albums 2013

The last project I wanted to share with you in my Disney book.  While this book did take me a bit longer to create it was still a lot less time then if I had created it by hand.  Plus I saved tons of money.  The book is 100 pages including the front and back cover which is the max that you can have printed with Stampin’ Up!  However it has over 500 pictures in it.  I started with one of  the kits and then just kept adding pages.  Many times I would bring in a page layout that I liked from another kit and then just change the background and elements so they matched.  I love that all the pages have the same feel to them.  My daughter loves to look at this book.  I printed it in the 12 x 12 so it’s kind of hard for her and I don’t want her bending the pages.  So for Christmas I decided to have the book printed in a 5 x 5 which would be easy for her to hand and look at.  The best part is I didn’t have to change anything.  I originally designed the book in a 12 x 12 but all I had to do was change the print option when I went to print it.

Open Disney Album 2013

So here’s your tip for the day.  I always design in 12 x 12 and then decide later what size I want to print it in.  My computer screen roughly show the 8 x 8 size based on the size of the screen and I’ve found that if it looks good on there then it looks good printed in any of the sizes.

I am still totally in love with MDS.  I’ve gotten more scrap-booking done since I switched to digital then I ever did before.  Completed books instead of just pages which I totally love.  If you haven’t tried it yet you really should.  We have a free trial and the program is only 19.95.  It was a lot more and I paid the higher price and it was worth every penny.  We sold so many that the manufactures were able to reduce the price and Stampin’ Up! passed the savings on to you.  I hope you will take the chance to try this program or use it if you have it.  Remember if you have the old version to go and get the updates and it will update it for free.

If you want to learn more I teach a class once a month that held on-line or I would be happy to come and do a live presentation for you and your friends, or a special on-line party just for you.  Just let me know.lub.

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My Digital Studio
Disk #130647 $19.95
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Family Fun Photobook Template #130987 $17.95  (Disney Book)

Nobody’s Business Photobook Template #132812 $19.95 (My Daughters Book)

Hoppy Memories Digital Kit #118466 $14.95 (My Son’s Book)
Just a note on this book it was per-designed it came with my original MDS program that I bought years ago.  The new one doesn’t come with the per-designed book.