Hooray for today!

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, but if was for a great reason.  As I mentioned before my son competes in robotic competitions.  Not only did he win the state competition but it also qualified his team to compete in the World’s Competition.   We took the opportunity to go to California and support his team.  While we were there we stopped over at Disneyland for a few days since it was across the street.

I was excited to use my stampin’ talents to cheer his team on.

His team has a fun logo that they use for buttons, signs and their facebook page.  I used this logo as my inspiration for a couple of projects.

First I had to have cute nails to cheer them on.  I used “My Digital Studio” our digital paper crafting program to create my custom nail design which I was able to print through my Jamberry Nail company.  It was so easy to use all of our great punches and colors to create the same design that we used for the logo.

So first here’s the layout, all show you the finished ones in a minute.

Murphy Nail wraps

Next I wanted something special to let all of the boys on the team as well as his teacher how proud I was of all of them and how much I enjoyed cheering on their team this year.  Of course Stampin’ Up! came to the rescue again.  I made them these cute cards.  Once again I was able to use the great punches and stamps to create this fun card.  I used their logo as my inspiration.  I’ve included the button of their logo so you could see it.  All the boys loved them.  I wish that I would have thought to get a picture of all of them holding them.  I used the silver glimmer paper for the robot and I just love how it sparkles.  Who said you couldn’t have sparkle on a boys card 🙂

Hooray for today Murph-E Card

We also wanted to look unified at the event while we were cheering so we decided to have t-shirts made.  The boys would were black shirts and white ties with fedoras to all their competitions.  They felt that it was good luck as well as made them look more professional.  My husband came up with the idea to make T-shirts to match.  It think they turned out awesome, we got tons of great comments on them.  So this was the back:

Back of Murph-E shirt

I’m happy to say all of our hard work and cheering paid off as the boys were awarded the energy award for the team with the most spirit.  They went home with this awesome trophy.  There were only 5 trophy’s given in each division of 83 teams besides the winners so we were quite proud to be taking one home.  Here’s his team with the trophy in their “uniform.”  Their team was 4184E team Murph-E.

Team Murph-E

We were very excited that we were able to help cheer them on.  They did a great job and were were really proud of them.  Here we are in our matching t-shirts.  My son is the one holding the trophy.  My Mom was also able to come with us a cheer them on.

Our Family in Murph-E t-shi

I know I promised to show you the nail wraps after they were on.  So I thought what better way than to show them off with the trophy.  I also got lots of compliments on my cute nails.

Murph-E Nails

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and how I incoperate Stampin’ Up! into all aspects of my life.  If you would like to learn more about my son’s team Murph-E you can check out his Facebook page.   If you would like to know more about the Vex Robotics program just click here.

Once again I’m grateful for a job that allows me the opportunity to spend time with my children and to support them in their dreams.  Plus gives me a chance to treat my kids to a fun adventure.

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