Thrifty Thursday 1-15-09

Have you ever tried one of those books where all of the accents are made with one piece of paper.  Well I wanted to give it a try.  I searched for patterns, but didn’t really find one that worked for what I was doing so I just made up my own.  If I can find it I will try and post it for you.

mb-frontThis is a great book to use for gift items, for kids or for something you just want a quick small scrapbook of that you can keep around the house.  I created this book for my son DJ.  It’s of his baseball team last summer.  The nice thing about it is that it’s quick and easy to make so you could make one for each kid or if they are old enough they could make their own.

First you want to decided on a theme.  I obviously used baseball here so I chose the Just Baseball set #109459 $12.95.  I also used the sporting set $109246 $17.95.

Then I picked the colors I wanted to use.  You want to choose 3 to 4 colors that you will used for the entire book.  I used Real Red, Night of Navy and Whisper White as my basic colors.  Then I added Close to Cocoa and Sahara Sand as my accent colors.  I picked my colors to match his baseball team colors and the colors of the equipment.

Next you will need 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper that you will be stamping on.  I used the Whisper White.  Then you just want to stamp your images on it randomly.  It doesn’t really matter where you stamp them because you are going to cut the paper all up.  I overlapped them a lot because I liked the look of it.

Once you have your paper stamped you will cut it up to the pattern.  Then you will need a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper of your accent color.  I have used the night of navy.  You would use the pattern to cut up this paper to go behind your stamped paper.

This book is a 6×6 and has 16 pages.  To save money I attached the pieces to both sides of the paper instead of using two different ones back to back.  It makes a total of 16 pages so you will need to sheets of 12 x 12 cut into 6×6 to give you 8 sheets.

mb-pg-7Once you have everything cut you can begin to assemble the book.  Here is just a sample of one of the pages.  You can click here to see the whole book.  I really will try to find the pattern and get it posted for you as well. 

I hope you try making one of these fun books for a loved one or letting your kids try one of there own. 

Some of the other great sets you could use to to create one of these books are: any of the sport ones, any flower sets, wild about you, bugs & kisses or just try it with your favorite set.

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