Novemberfest Winners Update

I’ve finally got my post caught up and realized I still have a few unclaimed prizes for the Novemberfest winners.  I’m sure most of you have lost your tickets so I decided to just draw out some name.  Here are the winners.  Please contact me by e-mail  to arrange to pick up your prize.  Congratulations!

nf-grand-prizeGrand Prize- Britnee Sheffield from Hyde Park




nf-gift-aGift A- Denise Allen from Cove





nf-gift-cGift C- Lisa Riby from Logan

Wacky Wednesday 12-31-08

christmas-bag-topperThis is the fun Christmas Topper that I made.  I made one for each of my down-line and filled the bags with goodies for their business.  I thought they were cute and really easy. 

I used the snow swirled set with the Big Shot Snowflakes.  The bag is actually a larger one than Stampin’ Up! sells because I wanted to put 8 1/2 x 11 paper in them.  The top is made with a 1/2 a sheet of 12×12 paper and scored 4″ down.  Then I cut a slit in the top for the handle so that I would just slip the topper over the bag after it was filled. 

If you ever need a quick gift idea try a topper they are so easy and so cute.

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Technique Tuesday 12-30-08

I made this card at several parties and other events this holiday season.  I thought it was really fun.  I actually put the rub-on on vellum paper and turned it backwards so the rub-on faced my real red paper. 

merry-card-rub-onsRub-ons are so great and easy to use.  On thing to be carefull of is that you keep the backer pieces with them.  It is very easy to let them slip and then your rub-on gets stuck to somthing and ruined.

When I use my rub-ons I cut out just the part I want with scissors.  That way I don’t accidentally press some of the other rub-ons onto my excess paper.  If possible only cut the front page and leave the back protection page.  I’ve found it’s easier to keep your rub-ons together if the back piece is full.  If necessary you can attach the two un-used pieces together with a paper clip.

Once you have decided which rub-on to use gently and carefully place it over your desired paper.  Make sure it is where you want it before you press it down.  Then lightly rub over it.  Use your Popsicle stick to rub over each part. I’ve found that it’s easiest to start in the center and work my way out.  Be careful of the edges if you go to fast you can catch them and rip back the rub-on. 

Carefully pull up the rub-on on one side making sure that each piece is completely down.  If a part isn’t stuck just lay it back down and rub over it again until it’s stuck.  Then remove your paper and your done.

I love rub-ons because they can go on any smooth surface.  I’ve put them on Glass, Plastic, Paper and more.  You can even put them right on the picture its self.

The other fun part of this card is hard to see.  The square frame is covered in whisper white craft ink and then left to dry.  Once dry I covered it with a thin layer of tombow multipurpose glue then sprinkled on dazzling diamonds glitter.  It really makes the card sparkle.  This is the same technique Stampin’ Up! uses in the Country Living Ornament Collection.

So go ahead and try one of our great rub-ons today.

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Marvelous Monday 12-29-08

i-wish-gift-boxesThis was a great project the Kelly Gettelfinger entered into the class project contest on Stampin’ Up!.  She was actually one of the winners.  I think the boxes are so cute.  Everything is made with the I wish Simply Scrapin’ Kit.  If you are interested in the pattern please let me know and I will get it to you.  Thanks Kelly for such and awesome project.

Click here to see each box and it’s contents.

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Stampin’ Sunday 12-28-08

This is a fun Christmas book I made using the same pattern as the Family Book.wish-album 

It uses the I wish simply scrapin’ kit.  If you would like one of the kits you can order one for $20.00.  (I can ship them for an additional charge.)  Please let me know ASAP as I’m not sure how long the simply scrapin’ kit will be available. 

Click here to see all the pages of the book.

The original pattern was created my up-line Janice Barlow.

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