Wacky Wednesday 2-18-09

So this is a little different for the Wacky Wednesday.  However I think it qualifies because I was a little wacky in not mentioning it sooner.  If you haven’t heard already then you will love this news.  At leadership Stampin’ Up!© announced that later this year (we don’t know when) they will be releasing a digital scrapbooking program.  Now for those you like me who love traditional scrapbooking this may not be a big deal.  For those of you who are already using digital scrapbooking (or want to) you may be wondering why you would want ours.  So let me tell you five of the reasons I’m so excited about this new product:

ds-kona1- I think the bigest thing as that it’s Stampin’ Up!  This means that it will have all of Stampin’ Up! exclusive colors as well as punches, designs and accessories.  That to me is just awesome.

ds-dear-lizzie-page2- Next is they talked about printing companies.   They will offer places that you can get your pages printed in true color and in 12×12.

ds-dear-lizzie-hybrid3- Hybrid Scrapbooking.  For those of you who don’t know what that is let me explain.  This is were you combine some of the awesome digital effects of digital scrabooking with the wonderful dimensional effects of traditional.  For example.  Using the digital scrapbook to enhance your picture and add some journaling.  Maybe even print it out on a 8×8 page.  Then add it to a 12×12 page along with some embellishments like chipboard and brads to give your project a real wow.  This is what I am so excited about.

ds-happiness-is4- Layout idea.  Have you ever wondered what something would look like and tried to picture it in your head, but it didn’t quite come out that way on paper.  I think this program would be great just to help me plan my pages.  I could figure out what size I want to print my pictures and how I want it to look.   Then I can recreate it with all the fun Stampin’ Up! products.  Plus they told us they would have some templates to start with so it’s a great way to get new ideas or start and idea.

5- If you are like me you probably have way more pictures that you can handle when it comes to scrapbooking.  I usually scrapbook my favorites and then the rest are just put in picture sheet protectors or worse just shoved in a box somewhere.  However  lot of them are really great pictures.  I love the idea of scrabooking my favorites and then putting the rest in to a few digital scrapbook pages that match.  This way you still get to see them in a cute fun way, but it saves me the time of scrapbooking them all.

I’m really excited about this new product and hope you are too.  I will keep you posted when I know more information.  For now make a note and put it on your wish list, because weather you are traditional or digital this is definitely something you will want for your collection.

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