Retired Sets for Sale

retired-stamps-for-saleI finally cleaned out my closet.  I needed to make some room for the new sets I want.  Here is a list of all the retired stamp sets I have for sale.  I will try and keep it updated as they get sold.  I don’t have pictures with each set as of now.  If you want a picture of a particular set please email me at and I will send you a picture.

I am happy to ship any of them to you I will just charge you what ever it cost to ship them.  Or you can stop by and pick them up.  I will not consider them sold until I have payment in full on them.  I accept paypal, credit cards, check or cash.  You can mail me a check and I will put a hold on the item for 1 week.  If I haven’t received your payment by then I will put the item back on the list.

BONUS- Now through March for every dollar you spend on the retired sets I will give you 50 cents towards a purchase from the new catalog.  That makes your sets 1/2 price.  Just email me with your order. 

DOUBLE BONUS- book a party anytime during February, March or April and you can choose any set on the list for FREE.  I will hold your set for you until the party.  If you don’t live close you can also do a book party.

 Click here to see the list.  For future reference you can find the list under specials.

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