Weekly Challenge

One of my favorite things about Patty’s blog is that she has something new almost everyday.  So I decided I wanted to challenge myself to post a new idea for you each day.  I wanted to make it a little fun so I’ve come up with some fun names for each day and hopefully a fun category.  I’m not promising that I will be great at this, but I’m going to give it a try.  I will be starting on Monday here are the fun categories and what you can expect.

Marvelous Monday- I will be starting with the Many Marvelous Markers.  I have a document with lots of ways to use our great markers so I will be giving you tips and show you some samples.

Technique Tuesday- Hopefully I will be showing you a new fun technique and sometimes some old ones that we tend to forget.

Wacky Wednesday- This will be for anything that is different and fun.

Thrifty Thursday- Stampin’ ideas for those on a  budget. 

Freewheeling Friday-  I often forget to use our great wheels when creating projects so my challenge will be to get them out and see what fun I can have.

Swapping Saturday-  Saturday’s are usually pretty busy so I will be posting some of my favorite swaps.

Stampin’ Sunday-  I usually get a few minutes alone in my Stamp room on Sunday so I hope that I will be able to show you something new each week that I have created.

Hopefullly you will like these and we will have a little fun with it.  Please feel free to leave your comments so I know what to do more of in the future.  Be watching for them starting Monday and check back everyday to see what is new.

Thanks so Much!

I just want to tell my friend Deborah thanks so much for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I love to check out your blog as well.  You did pick one of my favorites which is Patty Stamps.  So I will pick some of my other favorites.  I have to nominate Shelli first because I’ve found many of these other great blogs through her contest.  Hope you enjoy checking them out.

Here are my nominationskreativ_blogger_award: