Christmas Decorations

novemberfest-christmas-treeI’ve been trying to find all of my Christmas Decorations so I could start getting ready for the Holidays.  We were suppose to move during the summer so I packed everything up thinking I wouldn’t need it. Ha Ha.  Anyway, I found a few pictures from last year and I found some of the decorations. I put on my tree at my Novemberfest booth.  I just think a tree looks so cute with hand crafted ornaments.  I’ve had fun making new ornaments this year with our Country Living set and the 2 great sets in the mini catalog.  Plus there is one in the main catalog.  The kids had so much fun making ornaments last year that I think I will do it again.  I thought I would share some of the fun pictures with you so you could be inspired this year  I would love to see your creations.  Please e-mail them to me at  If I use yours on my website I will send you a special surprise.  Click on this link to see more pictures.