Marvelous Monday 12-8-08

6c-marchThis is my first post for my Weekly Challenges.  Sorry it’s so late in the day. 

Coloring on Stamps with Markers

This is a basic Marker Technique but I still love it.  It’s using your markers to color directly on the stamps.  The sample I”m showing you is actually from my 6×6 Calender.   You can sign up for this at my Mega Calendar Event.  You can see how I colored most of the words with Chocolate Chip and then the clover with Old Olive. 

Now here’s a little trick.  Have you ever tried to color on your stamps and you get a really bad smear or it seams to like bubble up like water and not stay even.  I have found this is really common with new stamps.  What I’ve found is that if you stamp it a few times in an ink pad then clean it off you the color will stay more evenly.  I’ve also found it’s better to just stamp it into a really light pad and then clean it by just stamping several times onto scratch paper. 

I love using the markers this way because you can get a variety of colors on it.  It’s also great if you don’t have all the stamp pads yet.  You can save a little money to start off with and get the markers which will give you access to all of our great colors. 

One more little tip.  If you’ve been coloring for a while then you may want to huff on your stamp (breath on it lightly) to re-moisten your ink so you get a nice stamp.  This is also great to help keep it from streaking.  Remember to touch lightly when you  are inking so it doesn’t get to thick and create extra blotches on your paper. 

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly post for today and I’ll be back tomorrow.

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