Technique Tuesday 1-20-09

I love this all in the family set but often times I’ve heard “I wouldn’t be able to line that up.”  Then I just say it’s easy with the stamp-a-ma-jig.  All you have to do is stamp the image on your imaging sheet then line it up where you want it remove the imaging sheet and line the stamp up with the jig and stamp.  Perfect every time. 

stamp-a-ma-jigHowever this set has lots of little pieces and I didn’t want to wipe off my imaging sheet every time so I came up with this.  I used the little celo bags and stamped one image in each corner (I used StazOn ink).  This way I didn’t need to keep wiping them off.  Then I just saved the bags and I have it ready to go any time I want to use this great set. 

frontThis fun page was created for my sister.  It was the front of the Calender I made her for Christmas. 

family-calendar-close-upHere is a close up of the cute little family.  In the set you can choose the head, body, feet and arms for all the larger family members.  There are also lots of fun accessories you can add as well as a cat and a dog.

101406 Jet Black StazOn Ink Pad $7.95
1101049 Stamp-a-ma-jig $11.95
103104 Small Flat (3×5) cellophane bags $3.95 (50)
113488 All in the Family $38.95
Fun accessories and wheel can be found on pages 76 & 77 of the new Spring/Summer ’09 catalog

Click here to start placing your on-line order.

Click here to see more weekly Challenge Projects

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