Swapping Saturday 1-17-09

Time for swaps again and I’m still wishing I knew who it was.  I forgot to say one other thing as to why a lot of these cards don’t have names.  When we go to the local meetings we usually do full cards instead of card fronts like at convention.  This way we can actually use the card.  However because of this we often don’t put our name directly on the card.  Some will include a business card or the card might have a sticky note with the name, but they often get lost or removed.  That’s why I don’t know who to give the proper credit to.

s-split-treesI really love this card and the way that she stamped the trees and then cut them apart.  I just think it is a really neat look.  I also really liked how she put on the ribbon.  It’s unique and different than the traditional knot that most people do (including myself).  I think it’s a beautiful card.

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